Hi, great to have you here and thanks for your interest – I hope I can help you along on your quest for lifestyle freedom!

My name is Hong. I´m a passionate digital entrepreneur. Joining Six Figure Mentors has been an absolute game changer for me – I finally found a clear and PROVEN path to establish an online business that could lead to time and financial freedom which I have always desired. Through my journey with SFM, I have access to valuable training resources, devoted mentors, a friendly and supportive community.  I have developed valuable digital skills and mastermind to be successful as a professional SFM affiliate marketer who makes money online by selling SFM products and services for a commission.

I am passionate to help you do the very same thing to reach your full potential and find your true happiness.  

Here´s my story – the path leading to me becoming a passionate digital entrepreneur and reinventing myself.

I came from a family of teachers.  I was born and grew up in China in an era when scientific discoveries were highly valued.   I went to college and received my B.S. degree in chemistry, then came to the USA as an international student and received my Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry.  In the first 11 years after my graduation, I worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher, a university Chemistry Lecturer and a Scientific Researcher on anti-cancer drugs.  While I was good at what I did, I could not imagine myself working with chemicals in the lab in my 50’s or 60’s.  So I made a career change and became a Scientific Information Analyst helping build world class scientific information databases. I was very grateful for the opportunity and enjoyed the office working environment and career advancements.  I simply accepted the status quo that I will work till I reach my high 60s to retire from this place.

Being a manager,  there are benefits associated with it such as more responsibility and bigger paychecks.  But the flip side is I can’t  get away easily or for extended periods of time.  A few years ago, one of my staff members requested to take eight-week’s vacation/unpaid leave to be with her mother in China who was dying of late stage cancer.  I brought the request to upper management and their decision was she was approved for a maximum of four-week’s vacation at a time not more because of business needs.  So the staff  went and came back in four weeks and was not with her mother when she passed away.  While I fully understood the decision from the upper management, I thought about my aging parents in China. I wish I would have the freedom to visit them whenever I wanted and for how long I wanted.  I know that is impossible with my current job or any traditional jobs.

Since my younger child went to college, I became an empty nester.  My daughter has settled in California and my son is attending a college in Atlanta, Georgia.  I desire to be able to visit them as often and as long as I want.  Again, my job situation does not allow me to do that.

One day, I was searching for worship music in YouTube and came across an advertisement by Tim Low.  In the ad, Tim talked about living a fulfilled life, having the time and financial freedom to pursue your true passion and to spend time on what truly matters to you.  That message resonated with me and I signed up for Six Figure Mentors membership and my journey of reinventing myself to become a digital entrepreneur began.

Through my journey with SFM, I have been truly impressed by the professionalism, integrity and compassion of the staff team.  The level of support and coaching I have received is unprecedented.  I feel so blessed to be introduced to the SFM.  To me, it is not just a business system, it is an exciting adventure of self discovery and self improvement.  I have enjoyed every step of the journey being led by successful digital entrepreneurs from all walks of life. They challenge my limiting beliefs, help me discover my skills, value and life purpose.  My goal of this journey is to reinvent myself from a scientific professional to a digital entrepreneur, to be able to retire from my professional job early, to be able to travel whenever I want, to spend more time with my parents in China and my children living in other states, to have more time to serve others such as at my local church and at  BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).

SFM is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  It is not for everyone.  But if you are serious about living your life to the fullest, not just making a living, and you are willing to work hard and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills and invest time and resources to reach your goals, then you ought to take a serious look at this proven digital business system.